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We create places of distinction

Artisans of Devizes was founded in 1989 – a family company with little more than a workshop, craft skills and a fascination with the infinite variety and beauty of natural stone and superior tile products.


A leading UK stone and tile company, with showrooms in Wiltshire and London, Artisans of Devizes is committed to craftsmanship, quality, design and manufacture. We possess a creative curiosity, which has led us towards an ever more eclectic portfolio of products from around the world.

Working with homeowners, hoteliers, interior designers and architectural clients, we create and deliver inspirational spaces with timeless appeal. Our team possesses a unique level of expertise and knowledge enabling us to provide valuable technical advice to homeowner and design professional alike.

Our carefully curated collection contains hundreds of natural stones and man-made tiles which are original, distinct and full of character, reflecting personal style and aspirations.

We’ve been inspired by stone and tile almost 30 years. Creating places of distinction is our way of life.