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Artisans, Craftsman and Masters of Stone

16 August 2017
Artisans of Devizes, Craftsman and Masters of Stone

Every piece of stone is unique

Artisans of Devizes has a genuine commitment to craftsmanship


At our company core, we have a group of dedicated master craftsmen and a firm belief in combining traditional methods of masonry with new techniques to achieve the highest of standards within the industry.

The craft of stonemasonry has existed since humanity could make and use tools – creating buildings, structures, and sculpture. Stone has been used to construct many of the long-lasting, ancient monuments, artefacts, cathedrals and cities in a wide variety of cultures.

As a modern stone masonry company, we offer many skilled services. Our creative curiosity has led us towards an eclectic portfolio of natural and man-made products from around the world. In our workshops, we create bespoke items in a variety of stone including Limestone, Sandstone, Marble, Travertine, Slate, Granite.

Artisans, Devizes, Craftsman, Stone, Stonemasonry

Cutting stone in our Devizes workshops


Artisans, Devizes, Craftsman, Stone, Stonemasonry

Polishing stone


Artisans Stone Craftsmen have the skill and passion

Jamie Warr has been part of the Artisans of Devizes team since June 2008, crafting staircases, vanity tops, bath surrounds and pool copings. Anything, in fact, that our clients might wish for. He recently created a stone cover to conceal a hi-fi speaker in a private leisure complex.

“It’s the sheer longevity of what we produce that gives me as much pleasure as anything,” he says. “You know you are making something that will pretty much last forever. Equally, it takes a long time to feel confident working with natural stone, so there’s a lot of satisfaction in really understanding your craft and the material – and it’s that experience that enables us to offer genuinely bespoke creations.”


Artisans, Devizes, Craftsman, Stone, Stonemasonry

Jamie Warr, Artisans of Devizes team


Cut to size and bespoke creations

The nature of stone means that every piece is unique. Sometimes, however, you may want an absolute one-off – a swimming pool, curved staircase, a made-to-measure shower, a feature stone. We’ll advise on what’s possible. In our bespoke workshop, we have highly skilled craftsmen, the latest technology and a vast range of raw material.

For over 25 years we have worked with home-owners, property developers and professional designers, see some of our favorite projects.


Artisans of Devizes

Bathroom in London where marble and contrasting wood veneers create a stunning effect.

Installing stone is a specialist job

We also do restoration work, maintaining and cleaning natural stone again this is a highly-skilled process. Our expert craftspeople use specialised equipment such as diamond grinding to deliver specialist cleaning, grinding, polishing and resealing of natural stone and some man-made products to create stone that is either pristine and polished, or subtly weathered and time-worn.

Artisans, Devizes, Craftsman, Stone, Stonemasonry

Installing a bespoke bathroom


Whether you are a home owner, a builder, interior designer, property developer or architect, we are always happy to talk through your ideas to create a vision of your finished project.

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