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Bespoke bathroom hand crafted shower trays

18 July 2017

A great day starts with a great shower and our new Plateau range of unique shower trays are created from a seamless single slab of stone


Make your bathroom beautiful with a bespoke hand crafted shower tray carved from solid stone, the type and texture of which is entirely your choice.

Artisans shower systems are distinguished by their chic and clutter free designs that will compliment any interior décor.

 We offer an exceptional service that can be tailored to your project. Typically, a Plateau shower base will be approximately 100 x 130 cms and 3 cms thick, but larger trays can be made when thickness is not an issue.

Shower showerbase showertray stone bathroom wetroom grill

Beautiful rock formations are revealed and make for a stunning and unique showerbase.
 bathroom wetroom shower trays bespoke stone grill design interior designer
  Left to right: Bespoke stone grill; brushed stainless grills (circular and square) and bronze grill

Make every inch of your shower attractive even down to the grill, choose from square or circular stainless steel or bronze or a bespoke stone design to match the tray. The waste outlet can also be positioned anywhere on the tray.

For more information about the Plateau™ showerbase range please click here