No two projects are ever the same, and nor are two people’s imaginations. That is fundamentally what our bespoke service aims to serve.

Precise, deeply perfected, artisan-produced made-to-measure stone means that we can design, make and install to your exact requirements. From rare stone varieties sourced from lesser-known quarries or our very own in-house quartz transformed into statement kitchen worktops to slabs of marble sculpted into sublime shower trays, choosing the bespoke route promises results that truly are tailor-made.


Sustainably Sourced Stone

We pride ourselves on our environmentally-conscious practices that can be seen and felt from sourcing and manufacturing through to packaging and delivery. But that is only the beginning.

Working with natural stone means that respect for our planet and its finite resources is a given. Whether marble, limestone or granite, one of stone's greatest beauties is that it does not wear out. It only wears in. Stone is sustainably-minded by its very nature, growing in character and richness as time goes by. Staying power? Always. Throwaway thinking? Never.


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