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Carve your own ‘Artisan Tile’ Workshop

17 August 2017
Artisans, Devizes, Decorative, Tiles, Carving

Tile Making – Carving, Stencilling, Inlaying

The workshop is part of FOCUS/17, at the Design Centre, 17- 22nd September


Learn about the fascinating process of tile making by carving your own relief tile in raw clay. Experience first hand the joy of working with clay.

During the workshop, you will complete at least one carved tile with either a single motif or a repeat pattern.

Artisans, Devizes, Decorative, Tiles, Carving

Artisans of Devizes Motif


There will be an initial discussion and demonstration followed by a practical approach to learning. You will work directly with clay using two-dimensional designs and explore how these can be developed into three-dimensional carvings and multiple tile tessellations.

You can either bring artwork along or be inspired by our creative resources on the day. Also, see our extensive decorative tile collection

Artisans, Devizes, Decorative, Tiles, Carving

Artisans London showroom at the Design Centre


All the finished tiles once completed, will be returned to the potter to be cured and glazed, and sent back to you as your own bespoke creation!


Artisans, Devizes, Decorative, Tiles, Carving

Mondrian inspired tile design


Artisans, Devizes, Decorative, Tiles, Carving

Decorative tile design


By the end of the course, you will have gained the knowledge and confidence to be able to create your own hand made tiles, which will be suitable for any domestic application. It will also provide a good starting point for you to explore the tile making process further.


Artisans, Devizes, Decorative, Tiles, Carving


The Tile Workshop runs from 10-3pm, for more information please call our London showroom on 020 3302 9996.

Artisans of Devizes is part of Focus/17 (17 – 22 September 2017) at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. Welcoming both trade and retail visitors, it provides a rare level of access inside the creative process of design and the global talent behind it.


Focus/17 (17 – 22 September 2017)


With 120 Design Centre showrooms taking part (as well as outside participants in Chelsea), the inclusive event is all about sharing ideas, passions, inspirations and conversations with influencers, established makers, emerging innovators and luxury brands.

Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour plays a significant role at the heart of the design community. A fixture on the international design calendar, Focus/17 is a testament to its continued growth, diversity and openness to new ideas and visitors. This year sees an influx of new participants opening in time for the show.

Over 100 immersive experiences include talks, demonstrations, workshops, receptions and discovery tours that explore the fascinating journey, from concept to reality, of defining new season collections. Masters of their craft showcase techniques, skills and ingenuity up close.

Focus/17 is a Design Destination at the London Design Festival

Event Information  visit www.dcch.co.uk/Focus17-Programme

Event Location  Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, London SW10 0XE

Social Media  @designcentrech, #Focus17AtDCCH

London Design Festival visit www.londondesignfestival.com