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Colour Pop

22 October 2019

Our latest collection of on-trend tiles is the eye catching Colour Pop; a vibrant palette of zingy, rich and dazzling ceramic shades that really stands out from the crowd. Adding to their appeal, COLOUR POP is created using a traditional manufacturing process that results in a puddle-effect glaze, which really brings the tiles to life.

Perfect for letting your personality shine through, this range of square and brick tile designs are just the thing for creating a striking splashback or fabulous feature area. There are so many exciting and energetic hues to choose from, why not mix and match varying tones of green, and blue, purple and pink, or go for all-out blocks of single colour and let the colour pop shine through.

Colour is a trend that’s here to stay. A welcome antidote to the ubiquitous white and neutral interior, it brings a room to life, creating instant impact and adding wow factor to walls, worktops, splashbacks and shower areas.

For a retro revival, look to the clashing combinations of Papaia, Menta, Marinho and Sangue de Boi with their Mediterranean feel and heady tones of burnt orange, azure blue, moss green and aubergine. They look great in the kitchen with handless high-gloss furniture or painted in-frame cabinetry as well as behind statement sinks and range cookers.

To bring a sense of the outdoors in, take a look at our garden greens palette, which features dramatic Verde Negro and Bosque shades alongside the lighter tones of Alface, Esmeralda, Menta and Kiwi. Green has been a huge trend in interiors this year and it’s a look that’s set to last, as we long to bring the lush greenery of the garden into our homes.

For something more subtle, our pastel palette brings mallow shades to the fore, with the blush pinks of Rosa Clara and Rosa Velho beautifully complementing Camomila, Artico and Verde Agua with their ice-cream pops.

And finally, if vibrant colour is just not for you, we also have a selection of new nudes, which includes putty and pebble hues such as Perola, Marfim, Cinza Claro and Areia. Use to pare back a bright and bold kitchen or bathroom scheme or to inject a feeling of calm and order to an otherwise busy décor.

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