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Creating That Luxe Bathroom Look

5 July 2021

Within this complete renovation of a grand 1950s London property, Schiller Beynon Interior Design has successfully created a feeling of understated luxury. “A look that is often hard to achieve,” says Lisa Schiller, “but all the more rewarding at completion.”

A grand 1950s London property

We asked Lisa to share her expert advice on how to create that luxury bathroom look, with reference to the stunning ensuite bathrooms that were designed for this grand London family home

“Kim Beynon and I often start with the schemes that we are using in the accompanying rooms to inform our decisions in bathrooms and tiled areas. We think creatively with where we start and stop tile finishes, working through as much detail as we can to ensure every element is captured before teams start on site.

“We also believe that a bathroom should feel like a room. Mix tiled surfaces with painted areas, fabulous wall lights, sanitary ware and interesting window treatments, as these all play a part in creating a space that you can enjoy spending time in.

“Natural stone is often our first choice where we can use it, as it just offers a depth and timeless sense of luxury in its formation. Some of our favourite floorings carry natural patterns and fossils. In children’s bathrooms and loft spaces we tend to get more playful with layouts, pattern and design.

Aliseo Marble & Aliseo Marble Brick both in a honed finish

Aliseo Marble & Aliseo Marble Brick for the walls and floor

“Restoration shouldn’t be overlooked. While without doubt it is often easier to start again with a blank canvas, the decision to restore the marble entrance floor in our recent project was probably our most rewarding. Whilst others may have preferred the freedom of starting afresh or questioned whether the stone was dating, we carefully thought through how we would work the schemes to embrace what was already there and modernise the intricate patterns to our advantage. It proved to be one of the most elegant spaces of the entire project and with the right team on the job, the process of restoration can be incredibly rewarding.”

The 1950s London property transformation features many of Artisans of Devizes’ stone and tile products. “The upper floors were reconfigured to create large bedrooms, each with their own ensuite,” adds Lisa. “The master bedroom offers a particularly bold scheme with wallpaper, lacquered furniture, upholstery and curtain fabrics all taking inspiration from an elegant shade of blue. It made sense that we took the same tones into the his and hers ensuites that fell off the bedroom space.

A mix of marbles - Aliseo and French Blue

Aliseo Marble, paired with French Blue Marble

“Rather than opt for ornate slab work, we decided to create a luxe feel through using more intricate cut marble shapes playing with the wonderful range of formats and shapes within the Artisans’ Aliseo range for a more playful take on luxury stone – its honed finish creating its own understated luxury.

“Particularly impressive was the flooring in the master ensuite, where we took square panels of Aliseo Teardrop mosaic and framed them with Artisans’ French Blue polished marble stone to add interest and a hint of colour. These stone sections helped us zone the floorspace and also create interest in within the shower walls.

Avebury Ceramic in Plaster laid in herringbone format

Avebury Ceramic in Plaster

“In the guest bedroom ensuite we used Artisans’ Avebury Plaster Ceramic tiles in a herringbone pattern across the back wall of the bathroom. The playful colours were then toned down and complemented perfectly with Artisans’ Taj Mahal honed marble stone across the floor and vanity worktop – its warm veining playing perfectly to the colour palette and a wonderful contrast against the paint finish to the cooler grey green walls.”

Waldorf Limestone Papyrus Honed Finish

Waldorf Limestone Papyrus Honed Finish

On the second floor the bathrooms are more playful, as Lisa explains, “Keeping everything monochrome with white tiles and matt black hardware and shower frame finishes provided the perfect framework from which to introduce Artisans’ Waldorf stone, which carries such beautiful natural veining that it became the star of the show running along the floor and up the shower wall.”

Lombardo Marble Honed Hexagon Mosaic laid on the floor

Lombardo Marble Honed Hexagon Mosaic

A further ensuite features Artisans’ Lombardo stone with a combination of hexagon and rectangular formats to add interest. Add bespoke vanity units, dual walk-in showers, the latest brassware finishes and carefully considered lighting and you will soon create a luxurious bathroom or ensuite with five-star appeal.