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Eclectic Interiors with EMR Architecture

10 March 2021

Emilie Mauran


At EMR Architecture, each and every project is a unique one-off. The interiors, designed by Emilie Mauran and her team, reflect the owner’s personality, embracing colour, pattern, texture and a material mix that ensures each room and each design is as special and as creative as its owner. Many of these schemes feature Artisans of Devizes tiles and here we take a look at just some of the stunning projects that Emilie has completed. To offer an insight into how Emilie tackles the task of designing an eclectic interior, we asked her to share her top tips for creating homes packed with personality.

For a successful eclectic look, are there any rules when it comes to colour or pattern for walls and floors?

 I like to create contrast so either go bold with floor and accessories and leave the furniture and walls quite plain or the opposite, using as much organic materials as possible.

How much does practicality matter?

It is a very important point, for example the floor we have in the Bees House is not necessarily practical in a kitchen, as the amount of grout is likely to make it a little more high maintenance, but the client was made aware of this and ready for it. I would always encourage clients to have marbles on the walls rather than flat surfaces in kitchens (for example) for the maintenance aspect, just as we did in this project.

What advice would you give on how to blend classic with modern to create a home with personality?

It is a very hard exercise to mix… I would suggest that people research examples of what they are after online (Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram) and make a mood board before rushing into decisions. A 3D design can help too.

Is there anything you would advise against when it comes to an eclectic interior?

Don’t overdo it, meaning don’t try to be eclectic on walls, floors, accessories… it becomes messy. The best way is to focus on two or three items that will stand out. Lighting can really help with this.

Do bathrooms and kitchens have any special considerations?

Be aware of what you are ready for. For instance, if you are a messy person and don’t have much help for cleaning, I would encourage people to use porcelain large format tiles on the floor to reduce the amount of grout.

Are there any rooms or spaces that can afford to be more personal than others?

No, I think you can be personal in every room, but you can be really bold in cloakrooms!


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