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Experts In Craftsmanship, Quality and Design

10 February 2020

Here at Artisans of Devizes, we pride ourselves on being experts at what we do. When planning your next project, we’re with you every step of the way, from initial ideas and stone and tile selection through to the ordering, design and manufacturing. We’ll take you through every aspect and continue to look after you with our dedicated after-care too. Not only do we offer advice and expert knowledge about the products themselves but we also work with designers and architects to overcome any challenges along the way.

As a heritage brand with family values, our key objectives have and always will remain the same – to offer quality natural stone and tiles with care and craftsmanship at their core. As one of the UK’s leading stone and tile companies, we are constantly developing our design portfolio to provide the very latest trends alongside classic, enduring looks that will last a lifetime.

We hold many of our core collection of stone and tiles in stock at our Wiltshire warehouse, meaning a quick turnaround for projects that need products swiftly.

We work with all trades and professionals, from homeowners to hoteliers, interior designers to property developers, architects to builders, offering in-house expertise, technical advice, inspirational ideas and guidance on everything to do with tile and stone.

We understand the complexities of choosing products that suit specific spaces, which is why our expert team can visit you to discuss the project in detail. We assist you with any questions to ensure that you specify products that are well suited to the space and lifestyle of your clients. From swimming pools, to gardens, hallways to kitchens, bathrooms to living spaces, our expert team are here to assist with any challenges.

Of course, every piece and every product is unique, we have a bespoke workshop in Devizes to allow us to work on one-off special pieces, such as a made-to-measure shower space, a spiral staircase or a feature stone. With a bespoke project, our in-house experts can advise on what’s possible and the practicalities of achieving it. Our bespoke workshop has a team of highly skilled craftsmen using the latest technology and a vast range of raw materials so the possibilities are endless. Whatever size and specification you have in mind, we have a huge range of stone and tiles in stock so we can offer a speedy turnaround on projects.

What’s more, designers and architects can also book an appointment for a RIBA-accredited Continuous Professional Development (CPD) session. The Art of Specifying Natural Stone, delivered by Artisans of Devizes, is part of the RIBA Core Curriculum in design, construction, technology and engineering general awareness. This 60-90 minute course covers everything from a working knowledge of natural stone for all interior and exterior paving and cladding to basic geology and mineral make-up of the most commonly used stones. You’ll learn about the suitability of different stones for architectural applications, what to look out for when specifying natural stone and how to troubleshoot any issues.

Come and see us at our showrooms in Wiltshire and London, browse our dedicated website, take a look at our inspirational brochures or just give us a call to find out more. An appointment with an Artisans of Devizes consultant is only the start of your journey…