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Geometric Glory

11 August 2020

Restoring any home can be a daunting task, which is why as a homeowner having a team of professionals available to lend a helping hand with any key decision making is a necessity.

For the family living on the third floor of this Victorian purpose-built mansion block located in a sought-after area of London, they knew the contemporary and timeless space they wanted to create but battled to find the right products to use.

Having purchased the property just over two years ago, there was a lot of restoration work required before Katarina, her husband and their two daughters could move in during December 2019.

Katarina explained, “The property was in pretty bad condition as it had not been renovated for around 40 years, so we took it completely back to the bricks and started again. There was nothing worth keeping so all the period details had to be put back in, including the stained glass window in the guest cloakroom which was modelled based on the panes that still exist in other properties within the building.”

With the help of architectural and interior design company De Rosee Sa in Holland Park and Artisans of Devizes, their luxury London home now has the grand charm it deserves.

She continues, “The project took two years to complete. About one year to plan it all out together with the architects and get the necessary approvals and then another year for the build.

“One of the biggest transformations was actually the hallway space as we did some structural work and changed the layout quite a lot to allow for a flow between the kitchen and the dining room (the kitchen was previously accessed via the corridor that leads to the bedrooms).

“For the floor in our entrance, which is a focal point not only because it is the first thing that you see when entering the flat but also because it connects all the other living spaces, I had done a lot of research and had a very clear idea of what I wanted to achieve. I was inspired by a picture I had found on Pinterest; we changed the dimensions somewhat and swapped out some of the types of marble, so the final result was more personalised.”

Gordon Fleck, Senior Stone Consultant at Artisans of Devizes worked closely with Katarina and family to source the perfect bespoke marble for the statement flooring against tight deadlines.

“Artisans of Devizes were able to source and produce exactly what I was after. Not only that, but when we unexpectedly ran out of tiles towards the end of November and it looked like the floor would not be finished in time for the Christmas deadline, Gordon and the team made the near impossible happen and got me the extra tiles needed just in time.”

One challenge many face when restoring an older property is trying to maintain the character and charm, yet add a timeless, modern and personal stamp at the same time. However, it is clear through the research and thought put into this finished project that the homeowners have balanced this perfectly.

When reflecting Katarina said, “It was important to me to create an entrance hall that made an impact and felt elegant and timeless but at the same time current. I did not want to go too classic, but with a project like this you also want to ensure it stands the test of time. I think these tiles really do just that. Anyone who comes to visit immediately remarks on them. They are striking and a bit different, without making me think I will get bored of them anytime soon. I could not be happier.”


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