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Guy Mitchell Luxury Handmade Tiles

14 September 2017


Guy Mitchell working in his studio

Guy Mitchell working in his studio

A true Artisan …

 Guy Mitchell’s Tiles are part of our new Boutique Ceramic Tile range. The tiles are handmade and handcut using the most hard-wearing, non-porous stoneware clay and rolled out by hand.


Vibrant, unique colours and glazes are hand-mixed from raw materials and oxides and then applied by brush or by dipping. Each and every tile is a work of art in its own right.


Guy Mitchell Design Ceramic Tiles

Star Hexagon Aqua Blue


Guy Mitchell insists on hand-cutting as this keeps to the truest sense of the term “handmade”, adding to the unique nature of the product. After a first firing, colours and glazes are applied either by brushing or dipping. The underglaze colours and the glazes are all carefully hand-mixed from raw materials and oxides, resulting in the most beautiful, vibrant colours that are impossible to replicate in a factory produced tile.


Guy Mitchell Design Ceramic Tiles

Garcia Diamonds Neutrals


Some of Mitchell’s work is also sawdust-fired outside, using locally sourced seaweed and driftwood to interesting effect. Each tile is a unique, hand-produced work of art in itself, as well as having practical uses. The tiles are made from hard-wearing stoneware clay, which is less porous and more durable than terracotta clay.



Guy Mitchell Design Ceramic Tiles

Centro Triangles Multicolour


Guy Mitchell Design Ceramic Tiles

( Left to right) Brera Penny Mixed, Marais Hexagon Cobalt Aqua, Monti Diamond Aqua Green, Malasana Mini Hex

Artisans new Tile brochure showcasing our full range of Boutique ceramic tiles launches at FOCUS/17

The brochure is devoted to our collections of manmade products – such as encaustic cement tiles, high-quality engineered porcelain and colourful mosaics.


New Artisans of Devizes Tile brochure 2017

New Artisans of Devizes Tile brochure 2017


Handmade by artisans, brought to you by Artisans, these boutique ceramics are unique and bespoke. Beautiful products for beautiful homes. We do not send out free samples, and so we recommend that you visit our London showroom to view these ceramics. In fact, we insist you view them – they are mesmerisingly beautiful.



Artisans of Devizes Boutique ceramics

Artisans of Devizes Boutique ceramics

To order our new tile brochure, please click here.

#Focus17AtDCCH, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. 17- 22nd September, part of the London Design Festival



Focus/17 attracts a global audience to the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, it is a creative and commercial platform where visitors can engage with international connoisseurs shaping the luxury design narrative today. 

With 120 Design Centre showrooms taking part (as well as outside participants in Chelsea), the inclusive event is all about sharing ideas, passions, inspirations and conversations with influencers, established makers, emerging innovators and luxury brands.

Focus/17 is a Design Destination at the London Design Festival

Event Information  visit www.dcch.co.uk/Focus17-Programme

Event Location  Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, London SW10 0XE

Social Media  @designcentrech#Focus17AtDCCH

London Design Festival visit www.londondesignfestival.com



The London Design Festival 2017

The London Design Festival 2017