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Interior style trends for 2018

12 January 2018

Setting the style standard

Interior design has taken a new direction for 2018, making a personalised statement. Say goodbye to millennial pink walls and say hello to bold patterns and colour. 2018 is taking decoration to the max with tropical patterns, courageous pigments and geometric shapes.

Here is what to look out for…

The new metallics

Instead of rose and copper gold, polished gold and brass are looking to hit the scene. These bright metals will add a touch of sophistication and warmth to a space, creating a timeless look.

The new Ritz marble collection with gold accents

The new Ritz Collection – launching London Design Week 2018.


Bold pigments are set to be hot this year with ultra violet making a splash. Described by Pantone as “a dramatically provocative and thoughtful shade”, ultra violet is the perfect colour for creating that one in a million look.

Ultra violet bathroom with liberty marble

Liberty marble honed.

Pretty in Peach

Millennial pink is out the door with peach setting the trend for this year. The ’80s salmon coral pink is a pretty colour, easy to pair with neutral interiors. The eye-catching shade can make an interior feel light and bright.

Salmon pink Eye encaustic tile

Eye pattern tile.


2018 is the year of beautiful interiors which are irresistible to touch. Plush upholstered velvet sofas are making a comeback, along with leather headboards and quilted chairs. It’s all about mixed materials, creating a tactile space which feels luxurious.

Bowl Ceramic Tile for creating texture on walls

Bowl ceramic.


Shapes and colour are going to be big for 2018. Images of white washed wood floors, minimalist kitchens and pastel bathrooms will no longer dominate Pinterest boards. Bright, bold patterned tiles will steal the limelight, with feature walls, floors and rug formations.

Aruba encaustic tile

Aruba pattern tile.

The mini honeycomb trend

Funky geometric shapes are on the rise, with hexagons appearing in floor tiles, chair backs, lighting and tables. The sleek lines and defined corners add interest to a room. The geometric shape taps into the outdoor/indoor trend, where form meets natural design.

Hex patterns to set the trend for 2018 interiors

Patisserie blue pattern tile.

Herringbone patterns

The Scandi look of white washed wood floors is on its way out, whereas warm stone floors in a herringbone pattern are in. Stone creates a classic, timeless look, while the herringbone pattern adds a contemporary twist.

Antique Terracotta Brick

Antique terracotta brick.

Chic Chevrons

The chevron pattern has been popular for a while, and will continue to feature in interiors for 2018. The sharp, sleek lines, make a space feel bigger and add a touch of interest to a space. Chevrons will be seen on walls using brick ceramic tiles and woven into fabrics.

Jet Set Marble Collection Milan Silver

Jet Set Milan.

The Marblous trend

Marble has a timeless appeal and continues to be a staple in the design industry. Bright interiors with velvet sofas and gold accents will be paired with beautiful marble flooring. The natural veining in the marble will add drama to the design.

Avant Garde Marble Honed

Avant-Garde marble honed.


Cool in the ‘70s, uncool in the ‘90s, cool in 2018. Terrazzo is back. The colourful floor tiles add an incredible edge to any room.

Terrazzo Porta Romana Pattern Tile

Terrazzo Porta Romana pattern tile.