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Introducing Sherbourne Developments

15 May 2020

At Artisans of Devizes we are proud to work with some of the most talented, established and respected interior designers in the UK. In our new “Meet The Designer” series, we talk to some of the interior designers that we work alongside, who transform properties into wonderful show-stopping homes.

We chatted to Naomi Pound of Sherbourne Developments (virtually, of course!). Sherbourne Developments build homes that celebrate architectural heritage and the avant-garde while focusing on innovation in construction, comfort and luxury.

“I design, specify and oversee every detail of the interiors to ensure that our homes are uncompromising, comfortable and immaculately finished” says Naomi. “Considering the ‘journey’ through any house that we design is incredibly important.  Once the architectural layout has been fixed, the next thing I consider are the floor finishes.  Which areas will be hard finishes such as timber or stone, and where I want to create cosier spaces with carpeting or sisal flooring.  Homes that feel harmonious have an easy flow from one room to the next.  This can be created through the thoughtful use of materials.  For example, where there is limestone flooring in the hallway, I might add a limestone fireplace in the dining room (which leads off the hallway), to create a subtle link and ‘flow’.  Each of the rooms is designed to have its own personality and function, but also to fit together as a family with enough similarities to create a cohesive and harmonious scheme”.

So where does a designer like Naomi start when they take on such a large project? “To create the interiors brief, I first consider the situation of the property and context, the architectural style of the house, the orientation and light quality and – of course – the likely lifestyle of the people who will live there.  For many of the homes we design, it is about blending classic materials in to an elegant palette, of understated luxury”.

For Naomi it’s important to consider how the spaces will be used.  “Boot rooms for example should be tiled in a robust material that will withstand muddy boots and wet dogs.  I particularly like materials that age well such as terracotta.  The main entrance hall specification is very demanding, because it should be robust enough to deal with traffic, but also elegant enough to make a memorable first impression.  We favour limestones”.

When it comes to bathrooms Naomi is certainly seeing the advancements in porcelain as positive for Sherbourne Developments  “we  like to embrace new technologies and have been very impressed with some of the new porcelains, which are now so good, it’s hard to distinguish them with natural stone.  Of course, porcelain offers a high robust surface that is extremely low maintenance, and favoured by many as a great specification for bathrooms”.

Over the coming months we will be following Naomi as we work together on the stone and tile selection for Roden Park, set in the heart of the Berkshire Downs. We will be showing you Naomi’s plans, mood-boards and final selections. We can’t wait to show you more.

(Artist impression).

Naomi’s Edit 

Portland Limestone

The beautiful tones of Portland stone make it a really versatile option, it looks wonderful with contemporary colours too, it’s so timeless. For Sherbourne Developments entrances are one of the most important areas of a home, we want people to walk through the door and feel happy to be home, it really sets the tone for the whole house. We create entrances that are absolutely timeless.

Bijou Collection

I am really excited by the new Bijou collection at Artisans of Devizes, a beautiful marble collection, where you can insert different variations of marble into a frame. I think this would work beautifully on a bathroom floor, i’m particularly drawn to the softer shades.

Calacatta Vagli Vena Oro Marble

We love to use sheet marble in a bathroom for dramatic impact and what I really love about this marble is that it’s less expected and different. I love to contrast the marble with other materials to create movement in a space.

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