Project Showcase: Where Old Meets New

Project Showcase: Where Old Meets New

The Brief



This Georgian country house in Hampshire was a golden opportunity for the owners to do what they wanted when they moved because the property is not listed. The project then became a fairly ambitious renovation across three floors of the main house, as well as the restoration of a derelict outbuilding. 

Interior designer Charlotte Smiley was commissioned to create ‘a warm and fun space that was a welcoming and cosy family home’. For Charlotte it was a dream brief. ‘The clients very much wanted to have fun,’ she says. ‘They were keen to introduce lots of colour, pattern and different textures. It was all about bringing in layers and different finishes, and that applied to the flooring, too, as they wanted a mix of tile carpet, wood and stone.’

Because the clients have a dog and small children, hardwearing flooring in designated areas was a must-have. ‘They definitely needed flooring that stood the test of time,’ says Charlotte. ‘It had to be practical but also look beautiful, and they wanted the flooring to delineate the different spaces so it felt like you were on a journey as you move through the house and into the different rooms.’

The Project

Artisans of Devizes’ stone was used in two areas: the entrance hall of the main house and the restored outbuilding, now a party barn.

The hall needed to have a calm ambience. ‘It is a Georgian house so the clients very much wanted it to have a sense of elegance as you walk in,’ says Charlotte. To impart a traditional and timeless look, a classic black and white floor comprising Mallory limestone with slate cabochons was selected that ties in with the age of the property. The Mallory limestone has a pale fawn hue with occasional markings and subtle tonal variations, creating the aesthetic of a marble floor that has mellowed with age. It’s perfect for creating a lived-in aesthetic in large spaces. The small cabochons, meanwhile, were inserted to evoke a period look. The elegant flooring works beautifully with the colourful striped marble occasional table and the pale green walls, as well as the statement artwork. ‘The hallway embodies the clients’ personalities in its sense of fun but it’s much more classical and more pared back than the rest of the house,’ explains Charlotte. The floor leads through to the cloakroom, which is decorated with cabinetry in a high-gloss raspberry red. ‘The gloss red looks amazing against the floor,’ she continues. In addition, a new staircase was built to descend into the basement. Artisans re-templated the stairs and did the edging of the staircase in Mallory, too. ‘The stairs are quite a work of art and look beautiful.’

Originally a derelict outbuilding, the party barn was renovated to create one large open-plan space with a glass mezzanine at one end that is used as a home office. The bar is upholstered with old kelim rug fabric and teamed with antique barstools, and there is also a seating area with burnt orange velvet and striped sofas, peppered with kilim rug cushions, while a huge dining table sits at the other end. Bold green limewashed walls provide a vibrant backdrop. Tetbury terracotta parquet flooring from Artisans was chosen to enhance the rustic aesthetic. ‘The floor looks like it is the original and could always have been there; it’s very much at home,’ says Charlotte. ‘The terracotta bricks were chosen because they have an old farm-like vibe, and the herringbone layout is timeless. It’s a really good neutral yet it’s anything but neutral. The floor feels warm and the clients have added rugs for another layer.’ The flooring continues through to a cloakroom and complements the wallpapered walls there. 

Artisans of Devizes was the first port of call for Charlotte. ‘I always look to Artisans in terms of quality,’ she says. ‘They have all the classic, traditional flooring but done in a beautiful way. They were the go-to people when we knew that we wanted a herringbone flooring. You feel like you are in safe hands because they clearly know what they’re doing.’


Designer: Charlotte Smiley

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July 1, 2024