Artisans of Devizes x Clarissa Hulse

Posted in: Wall Tiles

We are proud to introduce a fabulous new collaboration between Artisans of Devizes and London-based luxury homewares artist Clarissa Hulse.

Clarissa has a passion for colour, that combines beautifully with her love of nature; and her designs are based on her photography of nature from all over the world. Grasses, seedheads, ferns and vines feature heavily in the modern silhouette designs, which are often printed onto natural fabrics such as silk and linen.

Clarissa at her studio
Clarissa's Inspiration Board

 “My love of nature stems from my childhood, and my Greek mother who was a keen gardener. She used to let me roam in the flowerbeds and would teach me the names of all the species.” Says Clarissa.

“After graduating in Textiles from Brixton Art College, I began producing hand-printed scarves, which became highly sought after all over the world. This evolved into home accessories, and over the past 15 years the business has grown to be one of the most respected textile brands in the UK.”

Willow - Green
Jungle Hex

Clarissa’s bold Jungle Hexagon tile design was inspired by a botanical research trip to the cloud forests of Costa Rica; the soft dewy colours and jungle leaf patterns fall across a random mix of tile designs. Wild Botanicals tiles, in contrast, feature the silhouettes of different British wild flowers and grasses; these are perfect for bringing the wild beauty of nature into inside and outside spaces. Willow completes the collection. As the name suggests, these tiles feature a spray of willow leaves, elegantly contrasting with the background.

October 20, 2022