Sustainable tiles for eco-friendly interiors


Not so much a trend but a way of life, sustainable interiors are the buzzwords for architects, designers and homeowners alike and here at Artisans of Devizes we continually strive to improve the sustainability of our tile collections. Our new ground-breaking eco range is called Reform and this reformed tumbled stone is made up of 60% recycled material. It’s also produced in a small carbon-neutral factory in Italy, a leading country in eco-consciousness. 


Reformed Stone

Reform is made from waste material that would otherwise by thrown away. This includes everything from powder to marble, granite and limestone chips and the result is truly magnificent with a choice of colours and shapes in everything from pastel shades to vibrant greens and blues. Take your pick from Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green, Aqua, Forest Green, Khaki, Leaf Green, Mint, Rosso, Cotto, Salmon Pink, Bianco and Nero. It’s also a really versatile product that can be used for walls and floors, inside and out. 

Reform Salmon Pink


Another recycled tile is our Pumice Porcelain Off White, a porcelain tile made from 40% recycled material. As it’s a full-body porcelain, the print carries through the body of the tile so if any chips do occur over time, it’s not an issue. Our Brasserie Mosaic meanwhile comprises recycled glass and comes in a stunning colour palette of Burgundy, Mustard, Khaki, Turquoise, White, Blue, Pink and Sand.  Use to add a pop of pastel or bold colour to any room or enhance a nicely natural interior.


Pumice Off White
Brasserie Mosaic Khaki - Project by EMR Architecture


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November 23, 2022