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Light Fantastic

24 June 2021

As experts in all things tile and stone, Artisans of Devizes prides itself on being able to offer advice, information and inspiration on pretty much anything to do with coming up with surface solutions. And so it was that interior designer Jess Weeks of Jess Weeks Interiors Ltd sought out Head of Bespoke at Artisans, Marcus Smith’s help for a client’s en-suite renovation in a London mews house.

“I’d been searching for a year to find the perfect stone to light up,” says Jess. “I found an Italian stone that was brought over and bought from a local stonemason, which I then had delivered to Marcus.” Jess had also discovered a product over in America that lights up the stone in such a way as to avoid any shadows. “I worked with our lighting designer to develop a way in which to drive the power to light it on such a large scale,’ she adds. “We then designed a way to dim the system without any issues with flickering.”

Working with Marcus, Jess was ultimately able to fabricate the stone and install it securely on three walls without disturbing the light. “The previous space included a dark walk-in shower,” she explains, “but due to there being no windows, we needed to incorporate a stream of light that gave both mood and task lighting. That isn’t easy in such a small space. The property was due to be sold and to come up with an innovative way of lighting the bathroom whilst giving wow factor to boost the sale meant that we needed to think outside of the box. Hence the lit-up stone sourced from Europe.”

Jess has worked with the bespoke team at Artisans of Devizes many times and it’s clear to see why. “Not only do you need to come up with a design that gives the client their dream bathroom,” she says, “but you also need to pull it off in terms of the installation and long term usability. Marcus helped with all of the background knowledge that made my dream design come true. From how to hold the stone in place without adhesive to access to the drivers down the line.

“The stone was one that I’ve been looking for, for years. I’ve dreamt of this design and just needed the right project for it. When the perfect project came along, I then needed to source the stone from my dreams. Now this isn’t easy when you’re so precise. I went to over 10 yards and when I saw an off-cut of what I wanted, we used my car headlights to make sure it lit up. I was ecstatic – it was perfect!

“Artisans took delivery and worked their magic in the cuts to ensure we only saw the perfect parts of the stone, and not the abnormalities you see in natural stone. They also worked with me on how to bring the full space together using little adhesive in the shower and shelves to ensure it held and would be accessible in the future. They made me the perfect shower tray from a complementary stone and the most gorgeous skirtings. Our lighting designer and I came up with a way to power this bathroom on such a scale and Artisans helped us with the perfect finish. I couldn’t be happier with the result and prouder of the team with how they pulled together to give our clients the absolute best.”

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