From tailor-made stone staircases to made-to-measure stone shower trays and work surfaces sculpted from lesser-known stones, our bespoke stone service is there to serve your exact requirements.

Thanks to our in-house bespoke workshop here in Wiltshire and our specialist team of designers and masons, we are proudly able to look after your bespoke stone brief from start to finish for a result that is unique and everlasting.


One-to-One Consultation

It all begins with a design consultation. Our stone experts will work with you on a one-to-one basis to gain a deep understanding of your vision to ensure our way of designing is as tailored to you as the commission itself. Our discussions will be creative but practical too, striking a balance that leads to your perfect stone match.

Tailored Templating

To ensure your bespoke design is as precise as possible, we can either work with your own technical drawings or arrange for one of our experts to visit to laser template the area. Should you prefer to use our templating team, be sure to read our predatory document here.

Fabrication and Finishing

To work as closely to your bespoke stone as possible, we built an in-house workshop that is purely dedicated to personal commissions. That means we can take care of every step of your stone's journey from sourcing through to sending it out to its final home. Being entirely in our care means we can process and install bespoke orders in as little as 3-4 weeks.

Begin Your Bespoke Project