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Our services

As well as our varied Collections of natural stone, man-made floor and wall coverings, cleaning and maintenance materials, we support both domestic and professional clients with a range of services:


If you make an appointment with an Artisans stone consultant at one of our showrooms – either in London or Devizes, we can fully focus on your proposed project. We’ll have samples to hand and our inspiring room-sets will help you to imagine all the possibilities.

Alternatively, we can come to the site of the project, and for trade and professional clients we can meet you at your offices.

Our expertise and encyclopedic knowledge of stone ensure you get the answers you need. Just tell us what you want to achieve, and fire away with your questions:

Which is the best stone to use for a busy area?

Do large format stones make the space feel bigger?

Can I match an existing stone floor?

Which stones are suitable for outdoor use?

What type of finish is best for showers, wet-rooms and pools?

Install Assist

Installing stone is a specialist job – and the skill and experience required for this should not be underestimated.

We are happy to work with your own installer and will always collaborate and supply them with all the technical information they need to deliver your project.

Artisans can also help you find an experienced installer through the Install Assist service – a network of trusted installers and finishing specialists built up over the course of more than 25 years in the stone business.

Your Artisans contact will always provide advice regarding installation requirements, but it is essential that you select a qualified and competent specialist.

Click here to download a PDF copy of our ‘Brief guidelines for installing and maintaining natural stone and encaustic tiles’  and/or our Guide to the maximum weight of tiles that can be used on different wall substrates.

Free sample service

You can order a free swatch sample of any stone and tile product that we sell by clicking ADD TO SAMPLE BASKET on any of the product pages on this website or by calling us on 01380 720007.

We would always recommend that you have a sample before ordering any product, as it is impossible to provide a 100% accurate photo or colour reference. By ordering a sample, you will see at first hand not just the colour, but the texture of the natural stone.

Stone sourcing

Over the course of 25 years, we’ve built up a massive product portfolio, and an even greater knowledge of how and where to source the right stone for the job, large or small. We stock a vast range of different stones, available for immediate delivery. If you want a product we don’t stock, we know where to find it.

So don’t spend your time poring over brochures, samples and websites. Give us the brief. Tell us the budget. And we’ll find the perfect stone for the job.

One-off bespoke stone pieces

The nature of stone means that every piece is unique. Sometimes, however, you may want an absolute one-off – a curved staircase, a made-to-measure shower, a feature stone. We’ll advise on what’s possible. In our bespoke workshop we have highly skilled craftsmen, the latest technology and a vast range of raw material. The possibilities are endless.

Delivery and shipping

We have our own specialist lorries for delivering to you, which ensures that your stone arrives undamaged.

And, because we employ our own transport crew, they will take care to ensure your stone is delivered as close as possible to where it will be used. This is something that is very much appreciated by many of our clients.

We can ship stone to any address worldwide, using specialist packaging and shippers.

RIBA-accredited CPD

‘The Art of Specifying Natural Stone’ is a RIBA-accredited Continuous Professional Development session, delivered by Artisans of Devizes for the RIBA Core Curriculum in design, construction, technology and engineering general awareness.

Course overview and learning outcome

  • A working knowledge of natural stone for all interior and exterior paving and cladding
  • Basic geology and mineral make-up of the most commonly used stones
  • Suitability of different stones for architectural applications
  • What to look out for when specifying natural stone
  • How to troubleshoot issues
  • Allow 60-90 minutes for the course.

If you would like to book on to this course, please contact Sally Middleton at Artisans of Devizes on:

+44(0)1380 735891

Please note that if you would like to arrange this course specifically for your company, there is a minimum of five attendees.

Stones and tiles for commercial projects

Artisans of Devizes regularly supplies natural stone and high-quality porcelain flooring materials for major commercial projects such as retail outlets, restaurants, hotels and schools – both interior and exterior.

These are very often particularly demanding environments, and require very specific characteristics in terms of durability and maintenance, as well as needing to fit in with the overall design aesthetic. Sometimes, continuity of supply will be an important consideration for future shop or restaurant openings.

We work closely with architects, interior designers and property developers to fully understand your brief. We will then make specific recommendations for a suitable product and provide full technical support.

This is a selection of stones and tiles that can be supplied immediately for fast-track projects. We also have a database of hundreds of other products. Just give us your brief and budget and we will find you the perfect stone or tile.