Products that are supplied in ‘patterns’ consist of combinations of set size flagstones, which enable you to follow classic patterns such as American, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Greek, Moroccan and Spanish as illustrated here.

This means you can lay your natural stone or man-made floor to these patterns without the waste associated with cutting uniform tiles to appropriate sizes.

So, for example, one set of ‘English pattern’ consists of 13 stones, and 2.23m² in total. Some of our products (primarily natural stone) are available in different widths and random lengths, so that you can choose whether to lay floors in your own free form pattern, or in a regimented design (see fig 4). 

When buying a pattern you must buy at least one complete set of tiles and therefore a minimum number of square metres, depending on the exact number of tiles within that pattern.

Dutch pattern Fig 2

Each repeat is 3.33m² with 11 stones in each repeat.

StoneDimensions (cm)Quantity
A62 x 91.83
B61 x 612
C30.5 x 614
D30.5 x 30.52