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The Power Of Pink Tiles

12 May 2020

There is no denying the power of a pink tile. Here we explore how pink has moved from the “trend-setter” to the fail-safe staple that works in any room of the home.

Dilute hot pinks to blush rose shades and here you will discover our colour palette of choice. In 2019 soft, subtle shades of pink became the “one to watch”, fast-forward twelve months and this colour palette firmly deserves its place as a classic. So why do we love pink so much? If you’re looking to add a little something to an otherwise white or grey bathroom, then a touch of blush creates warmth to ensure a space feels inviting. We love how it works with other shades. Fancy a touch of green? (It works a treat), want to team it with darker tones? (dark wood works best) or fancy an all-white scheme to accompany it? (Yep, that works too).

Candyfloss pinks might not be your thing and that’s okay but with our pink palette of tiles, you can opt for dirtier pinks – Navajo, we’re looking at you. Or soft rose shades – Carter Rose ticks off this trend a treat. If you prefer to tap into an art-deco scheme, then our Neisha Crosland collaboration, could be right for you. And, who can forget our insta-famous Lily Pad tile in a gorgeous shade of Bubblegum.

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Here, we explore a few of our faves:

First up our Carter Rose tile. Whether you lay this one in a herringbone formation or brick-bond, we adore it. Team it with black for an industrial feel, just as blogger Estee Lalonde has in her en-suite bathroom.

We also love this tile teamed with pops of colour and pattern, in this bathroom the designer Rachel Cropper has teamed Carter Rose with Darcy Encaustic. The versatility of this tile means that it works in both soft and sweet settings as well as more industrial back-drops too. In lighter, brighter spaces this tile will appear a little more rose in colour, while in darker rooms (like the above), you see a real warmth to the colour pink.

This children’s bathroom which also features our Mono Hex tiles, shows how once again, adding black and contrasting pattern works well…You certainly can’t go wrong with Lily Pad tiles.

Oooh Bazaar, if you’re looking for a rustic-effect tile then this one could be perfect. If uniformity isn’t your “thing”, then this square tile which has the appearance of an old hand-made tile could be perfect for your downstairs cloakroom or against your soft grey shaker-style kitchen cabinets.

Want to know exactly what’s on the mood-board? Take a look at our scheme below with clickable links:


  1. Floris Rose Encaustic (1)
  2. Loom Ceramic Coral (2)
  3. Dolly Ceramic Rosa (3)
  4. Navajo Blush Rose Encaustic (4)
  5. Plume Marble Flamingo Mosaic (5)
  6. Yoga Penny Porcelain Blush  (6)
  7. Avebury Ceramic Plaster (7)
  8. Carter Ceramic Rose (8)
  9. Lily Pad Porcelain Bubblegum (9)
  10. Jigsaw Hopscotch Encaustic (10)
  11. Brasserie Collection – launching soon.
  12. Camden Ceramic Candy  (12)
  13. Seaton Ceramic Candyfloss  (13)
  14. Neapolitan Porcelain Pink (14)
  15. Venice Porcelain Rose Field (15)
  16. Bazaar Ceramic Rose Mallow (16)
  17. Colour Pop Ceramic Brick Rosa Velho and Rosa Claro (17 & 18)

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