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Artisans craft movement

Crazy-paving meets Cotswold cottage.

Craft, the restaurant and cocktail bar in Greenwich London, was designed by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio, the London-based architectural designers, and it’s jam-packed with the best of British interior design, furniture, décor, lighting, and, naturally, stone by Artisans of Devizes.

“The aim at Craft is to focus on quality in production by collaborating with modern experts, fanatics and obsessives to craft world-class products.”

We sourced and supplied 160 square metres of Artisans Wanstrow Limestone. The stone has an almost slate-grey colour, but is incredibly hard-wearing. Our seasoned finish gave it the sought-after look you might find in a 200-year old country house.

The final floor, however, was a little less conventional than an old farmhouse. The interior designers went for a crazy-paving look that’s more reminiscent of Barcelona’s Gaudí buildings than a Cotswolds cottage. We think it’s a great look and love to see innovative patterns using high-quality materials.