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Terracotta Time

25 April 2019

We’re in full celebratory mode this year, as Artisans of Devizes turns 30! It was way back in 1989 that we started selling stone tiles with our first ever collection, which was terracotta. A family-run company, we began business with just a workshop, a handful of craft skills and a passion for the infinite variety and natural beauty of stone. Now we are proud to be one of the UK’s foremost stone and tile companies, with showrooms in London and Wiltshire, and we’re just as committed to craftsmanship, quality, design and manufacture as we were thirty years ago.

We’ve seen plenty of trends come and go over the past three decades but if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that fashions always come back round. That’s why we’re so excited to be launching a fabulous new terracotta range for 2019. We’ve been reminiscing over past collections and revisiting the tiles that became popular with homeowners, housebuilders, hoteliers, interior designers and architects alike and with this in mind, we’re thrilled to be launching our Marlborough Tiles part of our iconic Archive Collection. Featuring a fresh new take on this traditional terracotta tile, we’re sure it’s set to become one of the must-have finishes for today’s modern interiors.

We know that you want something attractive to look at that’s hardwearing and durable too, and that’s why we’ve put our years of professional knowledge to the test to come up with a stunning selection of floor tiles that work beautifully in both contemporary and classic settings.

As well as the shape, finish, colour and size, it’s important to consider how you’ll lay out the tiles, as you can create all sorts of different effects with various patterns and formations. One of the latest trends is to create a herringbone look with a slim brick parquet. Charming and rustic, the tiles combine a traditional feel with an on-trend elegant layout.

Picket tiles are another one to watch out for. A fresh take on the hexagonal design, they are rectangular in shape but finished with points on either end, kind of like a picket fence, hence the name. We also offer the more classic rectangular and square shapes, so there’s bound to be something for every scheme.

Who knows what tiles will be trending in another thirty years… one thing’s for certain though, a true classic like the traditional terracotta will never go out of style.