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Three Colours To Promote Happiness And Wellbeing

19 March 2021

From sensual reds, to calming blues, colours can influence our moods greatly, which is why it’s important to consider their usage within our homes and projects.

To pay homage to International Day of Happiness, Hamish Smith, Managing & Creative Director at Artisans of Devizes, talks us through the use of colour to create the ultimate wellbeing retreat at home, whilst reflecting back on some of our favourite projects.



A mentally stimulating colour, and one of wellbeing and content, green is a real feel-good shade. It works really well in kitchens, paired with traditional shaker-style wooden cabinetry and natural stone flooring.

Some argue that too much green can make a room feel stagnant, and so accents of green help to combat that. Take a look at the subtle use of green in Emma Rose Thatcher’s kitchen. Perfectly nestled in the oven alcove you will find a touch of rich emerald using our British Kilns Oceanside Brick tiles, paired wonderfully with the warm orange tones of Marlborough Terracotta.


In its palest form, pink is very soft and nurturing, and so a great colour for bedrooms and bathrooms in particular. I love the use of pink within this project, by Sims Hilditch. Using a gentle pink paint on the cabinetry, and natural Buscot Limestone with a warm undertone, this is a space we’d happily unwind in after a busy day.

Pale, warm pinks makes a great alternative to beige as a neutral background in any room. Arguably, because it’s such a soft shade, it’s not a great colour for spaces that you need to feel motivated in – like a work space or study. A very hot bright pink takes on some of red’s energy so again for me a hot pink is something I’d only use as an accent.


As one of the warmest tones, orange notably resembles the colour of the sunset, one of nature’s most calming events. Colour experts claim that orange is good for trauma and stress, which is probably why orange light is recommended for rebalancing your sleep cycle.

Due to it being such an energetic colour, a strong orange can be controversial so I suggest using a more subtle and natural shade such as terracotta. The way that terracotta flooring has been utilised within this family home is exquisite. Featured within two larders and matched with green cabinetry, picture early mornings spent stepping onto the rustic and warming orange tone of terracotta, the perfect wake up call.

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