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Timeless Appeal

15 November 2019

When selecting the perfect tile material for a project, whether indoors or out, stone is a natural foundation. Organic, raw and completely at one with nature, the beauty of stone is that it can be used to achieve all sorts of different looks and styles for interior and exterior spaces while still harnessing its pure, unadulterated state. Capture the raw, unrefined earthiness and give rooms timeless appeal. Simple, sophisticated and as subtle or as dazzling as you wish it to be, stone is the optimum starting point for a project. Here we have put together three mood boards that demonstrate how, by adding additional tile materials, shapes and palettes, a totally unique and individual design can be achieved, from classic elegance to statement style.

This subtle palette is all about creating a calm, soothing feel with delicate stones in grey and biscuit tones. Taking inspiration from our Kimmeridge Limestone with its tumbled and etched finish, the mood is instantly raw and unrefined, ideal for a traditional scheme or even an industrial look. To add contrast, Sturminster Limestone with its creamy finish sits beautifully alongside Wembury Sandstone in a seasoned surface. We think that by adding pale pinks in wallcoverings and textiles, this look can carry right through from autumn to spring.

For something that offers instant impact the minute you enter the room, this palette shows how dramatic dark stone can really enhance a modern interior. Combining Minton marble in a tumbled finish with Galway tumbled limestone, Ardmore Blue semi honed limestone and Apollo honed marble shows how varying shades of darker stone can achieve an eye-catching effect thanks to their inherent natural veining and organic characteristics. By layering this look with leafy greens and matt black textiles and accessories, the result is clean, contemporary and cool.

You can also add interest to a room simply be selecting unusual tile shapes as well as interesting palettes and finishes. For this mood board we used the Milan Bronze Marble Mosaic as the focus, which is laid in a herringbone effect to show off its natural white and bronze markings. We mixed this marble with softer tones of Cipriani Limestone in a honed finish, Buscot Limestone in an etched finish and Belvoir tumbled limestone.  Thanks to the darker tones of Amaya limestone tumbled and green tones of our new Seaton Sage and Sea Grass tiles, the overall feel is one of balance and nature. A scheme that would work in any room, be it a kitchen, utility area or bathroom, and one that transcends seasons at the same time, achieving timeless appeal with a serene, tranquil feel.

At Artisans of Devizes we can work with clients from start to finish, suggesting the materials, colours and finishes that will make a scheme stand out. We also offer help and advice along the way so that your project always achieves the perfect finish.