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Timeless Elegance

14 September 2020

Driving up to this outstanding Hertfordshire property will without doubt take your breath away. Built just a couple of years ago, the family living in this luxury red brick, seven-bedroom home took on the challenging job of a complete renovation.

In any situation, when a client approaches Artisans of Devizes about purchasing stone they want to be certain to get it right – especially when purchasing on such a large scale. Having made initial contact with Artisans, Gordon Fleck, Senior Stone Consultant made a home visit to the clients to discuss requirements in more detail. Drawing on Artisans’ experience of working with new build homes, Gordon was able to guide and offer advice on choosing the right stone to suit their lifestyle and décor.


Gordon said “In this project the client went with my recommendation of our beautiful Zofia Limestone, which is a great choice considering the vast space there was to cover. By keeping with the same stone and working with different formats, we were able to create a wonderful flow and sense of space as you move around the property. Zofia features right from the main living areas through to the back of house spaces.”

As you walk through the double front doors, you are greeted by the most outstanding space clad in 60×60 Zofia, paired with contrasting Mayfair Marble cabouchons and the grandest of stairs taking centre stage. The property’s open plan layout and neutral styling creates a welcoming and clean space, ideal for creating that wow factor.



Gordon continues, “For the grand entrance space, the client wanted to create a more formal area – and what a way to welcome guests. Go left to the side hall, cloakroom and coats cupboard and you will find Zofia in 60×60 format. To the right into the living areas and kitchen space and you will find a grand amount of the 60x90cm format. Then finally into the back of house area and stairs leading down to the wine cellar we finished with a 60×40 format – all in all just over 300m2 of stone.

“The muted creams and soft greys of Zofia was just right. It is timeless and makes a wonderful canvas to start with before adding modern paint colours to the walls, joinery, and furniture. A huge thank you to Octagon Developments for assisting on this project and making this a home of distinction!”


The client concludes, “With a long and stressful build and confronted with so many flooring choices early on, I’m glad we turned to Artisans. Gordon Fleck even visited our home, which was a building site and muddy builders’ yard at the time and guided our choice of floor tiling. I look forward to enjoying my floors which will remain timeless for many years to come – whilst other finishes and furnishings in the house come and go.”


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