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The Art of Specifying Natural Stone – Virtual CPD

This is a RIBA-accredited virtual CPD session, provided by Artisans of Devizes.

RIBA Core Curriculum:

Designing and building it: design, construction, technology and engineering

Knowledge Level: General Awareness

Course Overview & Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this CPD course attendees will have a working knowledge of natural stone for all interior applications, exterior paving and cladding.

  • Basic geology and mineral make -up of the stone varieties most commonly used in architecture and design.
  • Which varieties of stone are suitable for various applications.
  • What to look out for and what questions to ask when specifying natural stone.
  • How to troubleshoot the various issues that can occur with stone.

Allow minimum 45 minutes for the session and an additional 15 minutes for a Q&A. RIBA attendance certificates will be emailed to attendees after the course.

If you are interested in joining a CPD then please email us.