The Vinci Terrazzo Collection

The Vinci Terrazzo Collection
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Embracing the Timeless Beauty of Terrazzo: Introducing the Vinci Collection

Terrazzo, a cherished design gem with a history stretching back over six centuries, continues to enchant interior aficionados and artisans alike. 

We are thrilled to introduce the Vinci Collection, a delightful array of terrazzo tiles and slabs, boasting 13 unique colour variations. 


Terrazzo, an enduring material that has stood the test of time, is believed to have originated in Italy. The tale goes that resourceful quarry workers, looking to enhance their own floors, ingeniously incorporated leftover marble pieces into a robust mortar base. While these early creations might have been humble, evolving craftsmanship and refined polishing techniques elevated terrazzo to a coveted material.


Terrazzo is celebrated for its adaptability, fitting seamlessly into a range of settings, including:


Floors & Countertops 

Staircases and Cladding

Furniture pieces


Terrazzo Samples

Our Vinci collection is a Resin-based terrazzo, made in Portugal, which cut from solid block into versatile slabs consisting of 95% natural stone. 

Resin based terrazzo typically offers a smoother finish to concrete based terrazzo and is less prone to cracks and crazing. We find that the resin also enhances and brings the colours within the slab to life. 

Terrazzo maintenance mirrors that of marble and granite and is celebrated for its durability. Proper sealing is important, as with any natural stone product, but with the right care will last a lifetime. 

Decorex 2023: Triple bullnose countertop
Decorex 2023: Literature & samples at our exhibition stand
October 13, 2023