A Warm Welcome

Hello and welcome to our world of natural stone, tiles and bespoke creations . A heritage British brand born and raised in the market town of Devizes, our small, specialist team prides itself on two things – the mastery of stone and tile craftsmanship and the joy of bringing them to homes, spaces and places near and far.

Sourcing and sculpting stone, whether natural or a meticulous reproduction, is our lifeblood. It is what we do, know and love. New design ideas, colour combinations, patterns to play with and room possibilities are endless, because every project has its very own stone story to tell. Our team is simply here to help you narrate it.

Our Stone Ages

Stone artisanship has been in our DNA for generations. It began more than half a century ago when the first iteration of our brand came into being under the guardianship of Raymond Smith – the grandfather of our Creative Director, Hamish Smith.

Known then as RS Smith & Sons, our offering was once on the small side – impeccably made and deeply considered, but much curated too. It was one of said sons (Hamish’s father in fact) who spotted the early signs of the trend for handmade terracotta floor tiles. A quest to find the most beautifully crafted examples ensued, paving the way for what would be a new dimension for the company. Tiles that were current as well as classic, tiles that were sourced from the finest European stonemasons and studios as well as those in the UK, tiles that were authentic and difficult to come by elsewhere – our founding principles.

Our demand soared, our reputation spread, and we put down our first foundations, opening a showroom in Devizes. We felt a name change was needed to reflect who we had become and all that we stood for. From then on, we would be known as the Artisans of Devizes.

Tiles for Today and Tomorrow

Why stop at tiles? A question that we soon asked ourselves. Our speciality lies with stone and with tiles – it always has and it always will – unearthing it, understanding it and coaxing it into creations that give a space soul.

Think of today’s Artisans of Devizes as stone without limits. Why majestically tile a hallway but leave the staircase out of the equation when we can source a stone, clad it, and transform it into a staircase like no other? Why not say yes to a bespoke stone sink and shower tray that are as beautiful as the tiles that surround them? This is high-end, earthborn stone, unparalleled craftsmanship unleashed to allow the finer details to take centre stage and set your project apart.

And seeing is believing. So visit us at any of our three impeccably appointed showrooms where our stone and tile collections really come to life. Whether welcoming you into our Chelsea Harbour location in the heart of London’s design district or at our country abodes in Hartley Witney and naturally, Devizes, our portfolio will speak for itself. Or, let us come to you with a virtual or in-person consultation at your site or studio. Tiles, stone, bespoke commissions, or interior design enquiries – when it comes to stone, we are all ears…