Over the past three decades, our team has gradually grown, blossoming into what we are proud to call a family of creatives, of designers, of master makers, and of specialist installers. We are united by a shared obsession with detail and genuine pride for what we do. By way of brief introductions, we have shared our family tree so that you can see the many caring faces behind our mighty British brand.

Hamish Smith

Managing & Creative Director

Mike Dible

Brand Ambassador Director

Angus Pocock

Sales Director

Grazzie Wilson

Head Of Marketing & PR

Mark Sandall

Head of Bespoke and Installations

Gordon Fleck

Senior Project Consultant

Aidan Ollerhead

Project Consultant

Kevin Lamming

Project Consultant

Millie Turner

Project Consultant

Chris Elliott

Project Consultant

Tim Pittock

Project Consultant

Alison Conti

Project Consultant

Alfie Suckling

Project Consultant

Scott Lamming

Project Consultant

Charlotte Dunn

Sales Support Manager

Rosie Smart

Sales Support

Lee van As

Sales Support

Steph Rose-Filer

Sales Support

Jasmine Proctor

Sales Support

Sally Cutchie

Brand Manager

Kezia Smith

Marketing Assistant