In Autumn 2022 we launched the Rituals tile collection; a refreshing new collection designed to give a sense of peace and rejuvenation to homes and projects

The Rituals collection has been inspired by interiors that energise, balance, and restore our inner natural beauty. Mindful of our inherent need to rejuvenate and realign, this inspiring range is just was is needed to soothe the soul.

Featuring sustainable and carbon neutral materials, glossy porcelains, pops of colour, marble mosaics, glazed and fluted ceramics, and Moroccan-style terracotta, there is a tile in this collection to complement any decor scheme.

Victoria Baths

"We stumbled upon this Victorian era treasure by chance - and fell in love with the building, it’s fascinating history and calm, timeless atmosphere. Built in 1906 in Manchester to serve as a community swimming baths, this building was later abandoned. However, over the past twenty years, the baths are on their way to being restored to their former glory and are a joyous example of Victorian design.

“As soon as we visited the baths, the connection between our Rituals collection and the building was immediate. From the crackle-glazed bricks that line the floors and ceilings of the Turkish baths, to the hand-laid marble mosaics in the hallways, the whole building was designed to promote wellness, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

“With our Rituals collection, we hope to create spaces that have the same longevity and durability and to contribute to design schemes that will last for years to come.”


Hamish Smith, Managing & Creating Director