Project Showcase: A Reimagined Workspace

Project Showcase: A Reimagined Workspace

The Brief

One eye on the past, one eye on the future epitomises the showstopping renovation of this Edwardian former warehouse at the heart of Old Street’s trendy tech and fashion district. With an illustrious past - it was the former UK headquarters of iconic designer Christian Louboutin - the building is noteworthy for its inherent character, impressively high ceilings and quality of light but it needed to be reimagined and made relevant for office use today.

The owners TSP, a leading property investment and asset management company, were keen to push the boundaries of workplace design. Their aim was to create a sustainable building that encouraged collaboration and wellbeing and showcased modern amenities, as well as giving a nod to Old Street authenticity. ‘Our focus was on creating exceptional spaces that make people feel good, so that people will naturally want to use them,’ explains Zac Goodman, CEO and founder of TSP. They therefore enlisted the help of renowned interior design studio House of Grey.

Embracing the principles of circular salutogenic design, House of Grey’s ethos is to create holistic interiors that have inherent health benefits and minimal impact on the planet, as well as enhancing productivity in an office environment. ‘Alongside form and function, enhancing human health has been at the core of our design process for many years,’ notes Louisa Grey, founder of House of Grey.  

The Project

House of Grey are adept at crafting exceptional spaces and they imbued the interior with a beautiful aesthetic that departs from the traditional office look. The considered, luxurious design combines the feel of a homely living space and a sophisticated hotel, with the emphasis on natural materials and organic colours to instil a sense of calm.

Natural light was enhanced by knocking through a partition wall to reveal a row of windows, while the layout was reconfigured to improve circulation. With the focus on sustainability, the property features smart lighting and state of the art eco-conscious heating and cooling. Every possible need is catered for with showers, bike and coat storage, four landscaped outdoor terraces, flexible meeting rooms, informal lounge chairs, communal dining seating and bespoke kitchenettes. There are also cosy nook corners for quiet working and a statement brushed stainless-steel kitchen and bar area for transitioning from day to evening. Biophilic planting enhances that all-important connection with nature.

The emphasis was on reusing and restoring wherever possible, and sustainable local materials were introduced. The original Merbau hardwood boards on the ground floor were refurbished, while on the lower ground floor, more than 18,000 Tetbury terracotta tiles from Artisans of Devizes were installed. This appealing rustic natural stone exudes a warm and welcoming aesthetic and is supremely durable, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.

Showcasing the work of exceptionally skilled craftsmen was a key requisite of the building’s design. Artisans of Devizes was chosen because it is a heritage British brand that boasts a rich tradition of stone mastery passed down through the generations.

Other design heroes include handwoven rugs, drapes made from natural fabrics, sculptural furniture made from waste plasterboard and sliding bio-material panels.

Combining both functionality and allure, 60 Ironmonger proves, when designing a modern office, that it is all in the detail.

Shaun Simons, Co-Founder of Compton who are looking after the leasing of the building, adds:

"Turning the page on tradition, our client at TSP has transformed 60 Ironmonger Row into a masterpiece of modernity within historical walls. In a world where workspace design can be formulaic, they've dared to redefine the narrative, blending contemporary design with authentic character to deliver a truly exceptional space. As a result, this design approach has captured the interest of numerous forward-thinking businesses seeking a workspace that transcends the ordinary.”


Photography - @michaelsinclair Stylist - @louisagrey 
Tetbury Terracotta


Circular Salutogenic Interior Design: House of Grey

Compton London


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March 20, 2024