Artisans of Devizes have been working with natural materials for over 30 years and are well known for our beautiful bespoke creations, fabricated in our Devizes workshop. 

Whether your client needs a simple stone consultation or a tailor-made solution, we can help you to achieve their perfect finish no matter the application. We source beautiful stone and marble from hand-picked quarries from within the UK and Europe and our own in-house workshop can fabricate stone slabs and countertops, wall cladding, shower trays, stair treads, pool copings or whatever your project requires.


Detailed processes include:

CNC routing - Creating all sorts of wonderful shapes and designs from cad drawings.
Milling - Reducing the thickness of the stone for items such as swimming poll access panels.
Carving - Working with blocks to create things such as curved risers.
Profiling - Adding beautiful bespoke edge mouldings to items such as vanity tops and table tops.
Face finishing - Honing, polishing, sandblasting, acid etching and brushing can all be achieved in house and add another dimension for the client to consider.



One of the most sublime expressions of natural stone is when it is impeccably carved into a gravity defying staircase. In fact, it is one of the bespoke projects that we delight in most here at Artisans. Our designers will work with you to understand your vision, advising on which specific stones will best perform, whether in a spiral, cantilevered or floating design. From here, we will look at treads, rails and banisters that might complement your stone staircase before handcrafting it in our workshop to your exacting requirements.

Marble Basins, splashbacks & tops

Our Bespoke team are able to source solid blocks of marble,granite, limestone direct from our extensive network of luxury quarries. From these blocks, we can create bespoke products in one piece, such as Vanity Tops, benches, basins and decorative features.

We can also create this solid look by using individual pieces as cladding. Smaller pieces of stone are bonded together to create a final product.

Shower Trays & Cladding

The Plateau™ Showerbase is an Artisans bespoke product - one of our real specialities. These are seamless shower trays created in our own workshops from a single slab of stone of your choice.

Each Plateau™ Showerbase is carved with a gental 'fall'. The waste outlet can be positioned anywhere on the tray. For more information click here.

We can also create matching cladding from the same stone for a luxurious finish.

Kitchen Worktops

The bespoke fabrication team have now fully trained in the fabrication and installation of man-made quartz materials and sintered stones such as Dekton and Neolith as well as natural marble and granite which is perfect for creating bespoke kitchen worktops.

Bath surrounds, shelves & niches

Our team can create simple or even fluted bath surrounds to elevate a bathroom space and coordinate with your choice of flooring. Bespoke sills and shelves finish off these areas beautifully and can be fabricated with pencil, bullnose and ogee profiles as well as a simple flat polish. 

Exterior Areas, Pools & Spa

Using our in-house equipment and CNC machinery we can produce made-to-measure copings and bespoke pieces such as:

Drainage Grills | Architectural Details | Decorative Profiles | Cladding

Pool Corners | Benches & Seats | Steps, Treads & Risers | Inlay Features

Download our Bespoke Brochure for more information