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Project Profile: Work of Art

17 February 2021

This stunning family kitchen oozes creativity and energy from every corner. It’s owner, Miranda Carter, is a successful artist who uses her love of nature, light and space within her own home both for the artwork on the walls and the interior design, which is inspiring as well as practical for a busy family lifestyle. The white painted timber kitchen is anchored by Artisans of Devizes’ Riverside Porcelain Gris stone-effect tiles underfoot, perfect for an open-plan scheme with their limestone look and durable, easy-clean porcelain finish.

Miranda Carter: “My paintings are about achieving balance between colour, light and texture. The combination of fine line verses bold brushstroke particularly interests me. I aim to create energy with each gesture whilst maintaining a sense of calm in the finished piece. These juxtapositions of contrasting elements also interest me in interiors. Our kitchen has a mixture of clean simplicity and bold elements of pattern and colour in just the right balance so the end result is harmonious rather than jarring.

“We decided on the Riverside tiles after a lot of deliberation. We were determined to choose something durable as well as beautiful. Wood was an option but we have wood floors throughout the rest of the house and there is a lot of wood furniture in the room already. Going back to my love of balance, it seemed better to mix up the textures. We were worried they may be too cold so we added heat mats underneath, but have found we hardly need to use them.

 Our kitchen renovation started with a big water leak last year. The extension was already there but everything had to be pulled out/up. The floor was reduced to rough boards, the skirting came up and the doors removed. We were left with a completely blank canvas.

“We started with some insulation boarding to keep the heat in and then underfloor heating mats to help warm the space and use less oil. Then came the Riverside tiles, a complete repaint of the walls, and finally the Neptune Henley kitchen.

So far the porcelain flooring seems pretty bomb-proof! We’ve got young children who do everything from roller skating to Nerf wars in our kitchen. It is the most used space in the house and currently acts as an office, a school room, a dance space, as well as the more traditional eating, cooking and sitting room. The floor hasn’t shown a single sign of wear and tear and the tiles are completely stain resistant (we tested them with every kind of staining material we can think of!)”

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