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A celebration of stone

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A celebration of stone

Broad range of Artisans products used in new-build project.

It’s always a pleasure to work on a completely new-build home with all the potential and possibilities this brings, especially when we have a strong working relationship with the client.

In this case, we sourced, supplied and custom-finished limestones and marbles for the entrance hall, bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as the external pavings and terraces. Bespoke stone items included single-piece shower trays, vanity units with mitred down-stands and end panels, cistern cover with shadow gap detailing, in-laid skirting.

Each product was carefully selected to suit its specific use. From the vintaged Vieux Bourgogne limestone in the ground floor entrance hall, to the super-chic Waldorf limestone in the master bedroom en suite, this project was a celebration of the sheer variety and beauty of natural stone – in all its colour, tones and textures.